Gun Safety at Home

When looking for handguns, accessories or hunting rifles for sale H&H Firearms has what you need. But before you make your next purchase, it is good to know some simple steps for gun safety at home. Follow these tips in your home to ensure you are safe, especially if you have kids still living at home.


  • When you are not using your firearms, they should be unloaded. Always point them in a safe direction at all times when you are taking it out or putting it back where it belongs.
  • Know how your firearms operate. Before buying, sign up for a class or ask the professional staff at your firearms store for instruction on handling your firearms. H&H Firearms has a huge selection in their online inventory, but they also have professional staff in store who can help you along every step of the way.
  • When storing ammunition, keep it in a locked place separate from your firearms.
  • Keep a lock on your firearms in addition to keeping them in a secure storage location.

What to Consider: Researching Hunting Rifles

When you want to purchase a hunting rifle in Florida, you have several things to consider, including what game will you be hunting, what type of rifle you’re looking for, and what your level of experience is. When purchasing a new hunting rifle, you want to make sure you will be comfortable with the fit and it will be the appropriate rifle for the type of game you will be hunting. No matter what questions you may have, below are some helpful tips, or call H&H Firearms and their professional staff will help you along the way.

Hunting Rifles for Sale from H&H Firearm’s Online and In-Store Inventory

Generally speaking, the Florida hunter is looking for a deer rifle, since that’s the “big game” of choice in these parts. Before you begin shopping, do your homework to determine what you think you want. If you’re unsure, don’t worry. Talk to someone in our shop for expert help or talk to a friend who hunts and can help guide you.

Bolt-Action Hunting Rifles

The bolt-action rifle is popular with deer hunters around the world. These rifles are known for their accuracy and strength, and they range from inexpensive to expensive, depending on what you want. Some of the more popular brands are Savage, Browning, Winchester, Remington and Ruger.

Semi-Automatic Hunting Rifles

The semi-automatic rifle is also a popular for deer hunting. It is easier and faster to use. It’s also dependable and has reduced recoil. Some popular brands are Browning, Benelli, Ruger and Remington.

Lever-Action Hunting Rifles

The lever-action rifle is a traditional deer hunting rifle. Winchester and Marlin are two of the most popular with deer hunters. Other popular brands include Browning and Ruger.

H&H Firearms has professional staff to help you pick out the best fit from our hunting rifles for sale.

Become educated about the type of hunting you want to do, where you want to hunt and the various rifle types available to you. Come in and talk with us. We have a well-stocked facility and friendly, personalized service.

Check out our online store with our extensive inventory to help you determine what you want and then visit our shop.

And most of all, when you go out in the field to use your new rifle, have fun hunting.

Factors to consider when purchasing your next handgun

Handguns are a very popular choice for law enforcement, military, and private citizens alike. Knowing which kind of handgun will best fit your needs is important when searching handguns for sale. There are many factors that go into choosing the right handgun to purchase. Below are a few factors to consider when beginning your research on your next handgun:

  • The size of the handgun can effect accuracy of the shot
    • Choosing a larger rifle can give more control and accuracy due to the more accurate fit in the hand
  • The smaller the caliber, the less recoil there will be
    • Determine your capacity to have control of the handgun with the appropriate caliber
  • Determine the basic point-shoot capabilities of the gun
    • When browsing a selection of unloaded handguns, point the gun in a safe direction with your finger next to, but not on, the trigger. Make sure the sight is pointed near the center target.
  • There are other factors to consider when looking into buying a handgun. Let the experienced staff at H&H Firearms answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction

When looking into handguns for sale, trust your local Fort Walton Beach gun shop

Whatever your need or style, there is a handgun model best for you. Let the professional staff at H&H Firearms help you find the right handgun for your style and needs.
Give them a call or stop by their store today and view their select inventory of firearms and firearm accessories. Be sure to check out the Online Firearm Inventory for handguns, rifles, accessories and more!

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